Fiscal and Accounting

Our team of five accounting and tax experts offers comprehensive services, from bookkeeping to personal income tax and corporate tax advice. We are in charge of the preparation of tax models and advise on the incorporation of companies and registration compliance.

At Assessoria Florit, we are dedicated to providing a top-quality tax and accounting advisory service, personalized for each client. Our goal is your peace of mind and success, helping you optimize your tax and accounting management with efficiency and precision.

Personalized guidance to start activities, evaluation of tax regimes and design of tax strategies.

Processing of registration at the Tax Agency, ensuring a start in accordance with regulations.

Management of the digital certificate for electronic administration.

Maximization of tax benefits through adequate planning.

Complete accounting service for a variety of entities and tax filing.

Preparation of quarterly VAT models and others necessary for tax compliance.

Annual preparation, legalization of books and management of payments on account.

Creation of invoices and management of rental receipts, including processing of withholdings.

Simplification of the settlement of inheritances and other procedures before the Tax Agency.


Labor Area

We pride ourselves on being more than just a consultancy; We are your strategic partner in the workplace. With a dedicated approach to excellence and a team of highly qualified experts, we offer a range of specialized services designed to cover all your employment needs.

From meticulous payroll preparation and Social Security management, to legal representation and obtaining subsidies, we ensure that your labor administration is accurate, in accordance with current regulations and, above all, without complications for you.

We ensure accurate administration of your payroll and Social Security compliance, freeing you from complexities and worries.

From the creation of contracts to their extensions and adjustments, we facilitate the entire process, including communication with the Public Employment Service.

We offer efficient management for both companies and the self-employed, guaranteeing legal compliance from the beginning.

We provide support in the application for Retirement and Permanent Disability pensions and defend your rights before labor inspections and legal actions.

We maximize the benefits available to you through advice and management of subsidies for labor contracting.

We provide strategic solutions for personnel restructuring and offer a detailed analysis of terminations and severance payments.

We assist entrepreneurs before the Social Court and Mediation and Arbitration Court of the Balearic Islands.

Both terminations and suspensions.

Our commitment is to your peace of mind and success. We are dedicated to offering a complete, personalized and top-quality labor advisory service, accompanying you in every step of the labor and legal process.

Labor Relations

New obligations in the workplace

All companies need to keep an annual salary record to rule the wage gap, which is mandatory for all companies.

Equality plans are mandatory only for companies with more than 50 employees and must include situation diagnostics, specified objectives, strategies and practices to be implemented, as well as monitoring and evaluation systems.

Its objective is to prevent, detect, and manage these situations, guaranteeing a respectful and safe work environment for all employees. Mandatory for all companies.

Implementing an effective reporting channel is essential to detect and act quickly to any inappropriate or illegal conduct.
They are also mandatory only for companies with more than 50 workers.


Foreign Affairs

We provide expert immigration advice for individuals and families, simplifying immigration procedures and offering peace of mind to our clients.

Assistance in obtaining the NIE for foreigners in Spain.

Help with registration and deregistration.

Management of cards for family members of EU citizens.

Support for self-employed workers and employees.

We facilitate family reunification.

Advice on renewals and stable residence status.

Guide to the Spanish nationalization process.

We are dedicated to offering a personalized and efficient service to navigate the immigration system, supporting our clients at every stage towards a new life in Spain.


Company constitution

We specialize our services in the Constitution of Companies, offering comprehensive advice for starting your business under the most beneficial legal forms. We understand the importance of starting with a solid foundation and, therefore, we guide you in choosing the appropriate legal structure, whether a limited company, communities of property or civil companies, ensuring compliance in the areas of social, labor, and commercial security. and administrative.

Our goal is to simplify the process of setting up your company, providing you with the necessary knowledge and support so you can focus on what is most important: the growth and success of your business. We are committed to being your strategic ally, offering personalized solutions and top-level advice from the first step.

We guide you in adopting the most advantageous legal forms for your business, guaranteeing an optimal start adapted to your needs.

We carry out a detailed analysis to identify the most appropriate tax system, informing you about the applicable taxes and municipal rates, to optimize your tax burden from the beginning.

We take care of registration with official bodies, business openings before
city councils and the different Departments of the Balearic Government, covering areas such as Health and Industry, among others.

We advise you on compliance with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law and the Data Protection Law, ensuring that your business not only starts firmly but continues to operate safely and in accordance with the law.

In addition, we offer specialized services in nationality procedures, complementing our comprehensive support for foreign entrepreneurs.